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4 Feb

The Lift Conference

Centre International de Conférence de Genève, Geneva


Recruiting for a new CEO is the most important search one can be asked to do, and I couldn’t have been happier with The Up Group as talent partner. As well as being creative, insightful and innovative, they brought a real partnership approach to working with the company and candidates. Their knowledge in the digital environment is second to none, and Clare and Kerynne were outstanding in their level of professionalism and rigour. They brought real challenge to the process and their clarity of thought and personal insights were invaluable when working with the Board. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them for the most demanding of searches.

Kathleen Jones

Group HR Director

Clare and her team are a pleasure to work with – thorough, professional, smart, and responsive. I always felt that The Up Group represented the opportunities at in an extremely positive and professional way. I found her and her team to be an ideal sourcing partner, who consistently showed interest in the success of our business needs. Clare and her team consistently showed a keen ability to find ideal candidates and to present the story and vision.

Monetta Williams

VP Human Resources

I have had the pleasure of working with The Up Group on several key senior hires over the last 12 months. They have developed an unparalleled network of senior leaders in the digital space and have proved to be extremely effective at identifying highly talented individuals across Europe. They develop a thorough understanding of the company’s strategic positioning in the marketplace, its management, the requirements of the position as well as the various candidates’ profiles, ambition and cultural fit. This results into a highly effective matching of great companies and great leaders.

Giulio Montemagno

Senior VP International

The Up Group are excellent. Firstly, they understand the technology, internet and digital sectors incredibly well, secondly, they deliver, not just excellent candidates but an overall process, they provide confidence and credibility end to end. I value them not only to deliver but to add value through their knowledge, insights, straight forward communications and superb networks.

John Kelly

Global Human Resources Director

We’ve worked with The Up Group for several years and they are simply brilliant to work with. Up Group stand out in terms of understanding your role requirements, their search process, being enjoyable to work with, and importantly knowing the market / having the strongest network.

For fast growing technology companies, Up Group is an obvious choice.

Joe Stepniewski

COO and Co-Founder

We’ve worked with The Up Group over several years and on a number of successful projects. As an investor our value lies in the quality of the introductions we make to our portfolio companies and ultimately we are happy to recommend The Up Group every time.

We believe that recruiting the right talent is one of the most important and challenging things our portfolio companies will do and you need to work with a firm who have the right network and understand the high growth ecosystem.

Rory Stirling

Investment Director

Finding smart, effective digital leaders who have the ability to make amazing things happen is always hard. But The Up Group makes it look easy. In particular, I have always been impressed with their ability to not only identify and find top-level digital talent but also to find people who fit with your organisation. The Up Group team takes the time to understand your business, your needs and the organisational culture.

The result is always a shortlist of fantastic candidates.

Tanya Cordrey

Chief Digital Officer (ex-Zopa & eBay)

So often head-hunters do not truly understand what a particular position entails. This is the furthest from the truth for the team at The Up Group. They thoroughly understand product management and what MOO required. In addition, to their expertise in product management, they also recognised the importance of getting the right cultural fit for MOO.COM. This saved a lot of needless hours interviewing the wrong people.

This combination makes it easy for me to recommend working with The Up Group to anyone.

Lisa Rodwell

former Chief Revenue Officer (ex-Yahoo!)

I have always been impressed by The Up Group.

Not only is their talent pool really strong but also their events are always high quality. They are involved, enthusiastic and a pleasure to do business with.

Tom Bradley

Partner (ex-DFJ Esprit, Partner)

We engaged The Up Group in a search for a marketing director. They really “got” the brief and fielded candidates with not only the right skills but also of a good cultural fit. We ended up in the rare position of having to make a difficult choice between two great people and are very happy with the outcome.

The team also understood the difficult line to tread of who does what in the process of selling the role to the chosen candidate and behaved with integrity throughout.

Giles Andrews

CEO & Co-Founder