Marketing Interview: Cristel Lee Leed, Nutmeg

Cristel joined Nutmeg as CMO in February 2018, bringing more than 15 years’ C-level experience leading strategic brand, marketing and customer teams for the likes of giffgaff, WWF-Australia,, and early telco disruptor, Onetel. Before joining Nutmeg, Cristel was part of executive teams in the proptech, consumer rights and environmental advocacy sectors, and was part of the founding team of giffgaff, O2 / Telefónica’s digital-only mobile virtual network operator.

We caught up with Cristel on their structure, hiring and the future of the function…


UP: Tell us more about your responsibilities, and how you and your team measured?

CLL: My responsibilities encompass leading and executing our brand, marketing and communications activity, ensuring we are delivering on the Nutmeg brand proposition and mission, which is to democratise wealth management to create a nation of empowered investors. This means educating and engaging audiences about the benefits of our disruptive model and creating demand for Nutmeg’s innovative way of managing investments. Our entire organisation is aligned, and we all work cross-functionally in OKRs, so my goals and my team’s goals are fully aligned to the objectives and key results of the business – that is how we measure ourselves. There is a cohesive mix of external and internal measures of performance.

UP: What other roles in the organisation are critical to your success?

CLL: Every role! Marketing is accountable for the integration and alignment between all of Nutmeg’s key functions including investment, customer, product, technology and operations. So that means we’re reliant on all these areas of the business and they are reliant on us. Collectively we all work together to focus on the delivery of outstanding results for our customers.

UP: How does the structure of the organisation impact your role?

CLL: All of our ‘Chief’ roles report into our CEO, which includes the Chief Marketing Officer, and we form part of a wider leadership group which includes all of our Senior Managers. However, we operate very collaboratively, with a weekly celebration of all our team’s key results, business updates, new tech demos, drinks and some entertaining gifs.

UP: When hiring great talent, what attributes do you look for?

CLL: We’re a principles-based business, and we live and hire by our values: a bias to action, customer champions, and team players. So we really look for people that exhibit these qualities. We seek out people who have great examples of these experiences and competencies. Finance is a highly regulated sector, so it is critical we have people who deeply understand how to operate in this environment.

UP: What do you think are the shifts inside and outside the organisation that will shape the function in the next 3-5 years?

CLL: The main shift both inside and out is making better use of data to optimise the customer experience. It’s about using data to better know your customers and their needs so that you can develop better, more relevant communications that have value for your audiences. But also using data to drive stronger use of your products, to see what’s working, what’s not working and how you can refine and enhance them for your audiences.

UP: We’ve seen a lot of new roles being created, including the Chief Customer Officer and Chief Experience Officer – what are your views on these?

CLL: My view is that internal organisational structures have started to change, and that great companies realise they need to organise themselves around their customers – and not expect their customers to organise themselves around the organisation’s structure. This is why the Chief Customer Officer for me is the start of a major shift, not a trend – and not the end.

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