Excellence in Technology



Dr Caroline Hargrove - McLaren Applied Technologies

Over the past few years, Caroline has helped to position McLaren Applied Technologies as the growth engine of the McLaren Group, delivering performance advantage in the motorsport, automotive, public transport and health industries, as well as collaborating with Deloitte UK to create data-driven products for the aviation and manufacturing industries.

Having contributed to the increased rate of new product development, she has also helped maximise the efficiency of the company’s R&D programmes.

Caroline participated in roundtable reviews of the industrial strategy and was recently awarded a fellowship of the Royal Academy of Engineering.

Runners up


Ronen Benchetrit - Zopa

Ronen has been fundamental in preparing Zopa for its second decade of business. He has greatly diversified the tech stack and teams which has driven many improvements – the most obvious being the diversity and velocity of talent that Zopa can now hire to support business growth.

He has also provisioned the architecture for their proposed bank launch, putting more structure into tech and product delivery as well as leading the productisation of IT and Operations. These changes have put the business on the right path to further scale in a sustainable way and to face increased regulation and scrutiny as Zopa becomes a Bank.

Finally, Ronen has taken Zopa’s cross-functional Tribes and Squads to the next stage of their evolution whilst increasing their level of engagement. He has created an environment where all squads can deliver per their autonomous roadmaps with speed and quality, without compromising safety or the demands of a regulated environment.


Paul Cutter - Paddy Power Betfair

As Paddy Power Betfair’s first CTO as a merged business, Paul faced a significant challenge from the outset: the digital integration of two already large businesses, bringing two successful brands together onto a single technology platform. Achieving this within two years of the merger is something that Paul considers his primary achievement so far.

This is particularly the case given that the integration ended up being much more than the ‘sum of its parts’, involving (for example) the creation of an entirely new data architecture and a new private cloud hosting platform. The result of this is that, more than simply fulfilling a necessity, the digital merger has created a lasting point of strength for the combined business.



Holly Mesrobian - Amazon

Derek Wise - Grapeshot