Rising Star

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Alice Delahunt - Burberry

Throughout her time at Burberry, Alice led the global Digital Marketing team, Social Media team and Brand team.

As Global Director of Digital Marketing, she drove Burberry’s digital strategies across Burberry.com, 20 Social Media accounts with 50M+ fans, Email, SEO, Messaging apps and Innovation. This included partnering with leading digital platforms such as Google, Snap and Tencent, as well as innovating with new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality.

Alice joined Ralph Lauren in April 2018 in the newly created role of Chief Digital Officer. She reports to the CEO and is responsible for elevating the company’s global digital platforms and enhancing the digital experience for consumers across all channels to drive consumer acquisition, retention, value and revenue.

Runners up


Helder Dias Ribeiro - Farfetch

Farfetch has grown enormously over the past 18 months, and nowhere is this more apparent than in Helder’s Engineering function. This has grown from one to five engineering offices, and from 210 to 560 internal engineers.

This expansion has driven, and will continue to drive, the continuous developments in tech – across all areas, including architecture and data – that Helder sees as key to Farfetch’s success. When organisations scale the way that Farfetch is currently, Helder sees it as necessary to ‘throw away the rulebook’ – creating the sort of rapid iterations that have, for example, driven a 30% increase in commitment delivery rates.


Chad West - Revolut

Revolut is one of Europe’s fastest growing FinTech companies, becoming a Unicorn in two and a half years, having not spent any money on marketing.

Chad joined the company in 2017 to drive brand awareness and growth. He set his own strategy, to build a community of excited and engaged customers.

Chad sees Revolut as the ‘rebels of finance’, taking on the corporate banks with loud stunts, humanising content and using emotional marketing via gifs and emojis.

Chad has put the customer first in Revolut’s approach, polling new product names and organising local events which has led to the customers becoming their main marketing source; they share their experiences and engage with the ‘Rev Academy’, a blog Chad created to break down financial jargon for people from any demographic to relate to.



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