Excellence in Transformational Marketing



Sarah Manley - Burberry

Sarah has overseen Burberry’s global transformation into a digital marketing leader, with over 60% of the marketing budget now dedicated to digital channels. Burberry has built a strong presence on social media with more than 38 million followers across 19 global platforms, allowing it personalised interactions with its audiences; it is now the third most followed luxury brand on Facebook and Twitter.

During Fashion Week, Burberry made its entire line immediately shoppable online, harnessing fast sales while the items are still fresh in the consumer’s mind. It also launched a chatbot to help customers explore the collection, adding a gamified maze element to enhance the experience.

Burberry has also successfully pushed boundaries through innovative collaborations, including partnering with Snapchat on numerous occasions.

Runners up


Peter Charles - Red Bull

Today, Red Bull is as much a media company as an energy drink brand; in 2016, its videos generated over 2.5bn views and 50.2mn engagements. From occasional stunt videos, they have changed their strategy to producing an ongoing stream of content, with 4,331 videos uploaded to 23 accounts in the last year. These videos average 524,000 views in their first 30 days.

Students are a key audience for Red Bull. Last year, they launched the ‘Can You Make It 2016’ Campaign – a competition featuring 165 student teams from over 50 countries trading cans of Red Bull for transportation, food and accommodation. Red Bull also sponsors major sporting events, and has launched a pioneering partnership with GoPro.

Peter has been pivotal in driving these initiatives, leading a team of 100 people across brand, sports, field, culture and media, and commercial partnerships.


Keith Weed - Unilever

In charge of the world’s second-largest marketing budget, Keith is heavily invested in digital. To date, Unilever has put over 5,500 marketers through digital training, to avoid ‘a lost generation’ of marketers. He also leads Unilever Foundry and chairs the company’s digital ventures arm.

In January, Keith outlined Unilever’s plans to utilise AI in retail outlets, and has partnered with startups through the Unilever Foundry to experiment with this. One example is the creation of an AI chatbot, ‘Chef Wendy’ for its Knorr brand, which sends recipes to consumers based on the ingredients they have at home.

Keith is looking to use AI to enhance its customer helplines, to which over 11m people enquire annually. He is also experimenting with programmatic advertising – a recent campaign in Latin America proved highly successful.



Dan Brooke - Channel 4

Johnny Devitt - Paddy Power Betfair

Nina Bibby - O2

Kerris Bright - Virgin Media

Zaid Al-Qassab - BT

Craig Inglis - John Lewis

Troy Warfield - British Airways