Excellence in Product



Gustav Söderström - Spotify

With responsibility for 1,000 people across product, design, data, technology, and engineering, Gustav has played a pivotal role in driving Spotify’s extraordinary growth.

Over the past year, Spotify has launched breakout new features, as well as seeing continued success with older ones. Over 5 billion tracks have now been streamed via its Discover Weekly product, inspiring the launch of Release Radar, generating personalised weekly playlists of new music from relevant artists. On the backend, Spotify has migrated its infrastructure to Google Cloud Platform, having formerly operated its own data centres.

The company has also announced partnerships with companies such as Waze, Tinder, and Headspace, to give customers new ways to listen to music, as well as working with Sonos, Google, and Amazon to integrate its service into their connected speaker systems.

Runners up


Carolin Krenzer - King

Carolin joined King five years ago as a founding member of the London studio, and has been there through the company’s IPO and subsequent acquisition by Activision Blizzard. Since joining, she has restructured the studio, creating small, agile teams to deliver projects quickly and flexibly.

In 2016, Carolin’s studio at King launched Shuffle Cats, the company’s first multiplayer card game. The game has enabled the company to broaden and diversify its portfolio, and provided valuable learnings for future games, including how to tailor experiences for players in different countries.

Carolin is a vocal advocate for the mobile gaming industry, and sits on BAFTA’s Game Committee, where she inputs into both the Academy’s annual Games Awards and the Young Game Designers initiative, which hosts workshops with 10-18 year olds to encourage the next generation of designers.


Ephraim Luft - Farfetch

2016 was a year of product transformation for Farfetch, transitioning from monolithic marketplace to scalable technology platform, allowing it to launch its new, white-labelled, Black and White service for third-parties.

At the same time, the Product team has created frictionless onboarding processes to sign up new suppliers, and continued the successful transition from desktop to mobile; from just 3% of sales 18 months ago, mobile now accounts for over 25%.

Since joining, Ephraim has developed Product from a nascent function to a fully-developed organisation that works seamlessly with the rest of the business, comprising product management, data science, and design. The latter is now Ephraim’s focus, having merged teams for UX and digital design in order to embed customer-centricity across Farfetch’s product suite.



Eric Tholomé - Google

David Vismans - Booking.com

Grant Smith - Deliveroo

Frédéric Dermer - BlaBlaCar

Todd Haushalter - Evolution Gaming

Josh Crossick - Hotels.com

Niv Liran - AUTO1