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Sian Keane - Farfetch

Since joining Farfetch four years ago, Sian has presided over extraordinary organisational growth,
from 100 people in four offices to 1,500 across twelve.

Over the last year, Sian has been instrumental in launching Farfetch’s share option scheme, enabling
all employees to participate in the company’s success.

She has also launched a new career ladder for Farfetch, identifying 80 job families, outlining roles
and responsibilities, and demonstrating the steps to the next level with consistent language across
all career paths. As a result, the company’s NPS around career opportunities has increased

Sian also led the initiative to abolish bell curve performance appraisal, instead piloting
a new model to provide line managers with greater autonomy.

Runners up


Sophie Froment - CCP Games

Last year was a record year for CCP Games, with daily active users of its flagship EVE Online game doubling. The company also successfully entered the VR space with the launch of Valkyrie for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and PlayStation VR.

CCP Games has expanded accordingly, adding a fifth office in London to its Reykjavik HQ and offices in Shanghai, Atlanta and Newcastle. Throughout this growth, Sophie and the People team have ensured a consistent employer brand and culture, while also reflecting local nuances. Employee survey results are the highest in the company’s history, and its turnover rate is just 8%.

In the past twelve months Sophie has overseen considerable HR innovation, replacing annual performance reviews with monthly conversations and a three-dimensional assessment process, as well as introducing flexible benefits so employees can tailor their own experiences.


Noor van Boven - SoundCloud

Over the past twelve months, Noor has introduced advanced analytics to provide live dashboards around attrition, recruitment pipelines, and employee demographics. This has provided increased accountability and enabled managers across SoundCloud to make robust business decisions, backed up by data.

As a result, hiring has become more predictable, enabling the function to focus on key issues like diversity. People and recruiting partners coach managers to hire, manage, and retain diverse teams. The business has significantly improved the gender balance in the executive team, increased the number of female technical managers from one to five, and engaged 50% of all employees in unconscious bias training.

Noor has also led initiatives to help SoundCloud operate as a people-centric organisation, launching an online, automated HR platform, with chatbot functionality, to support people 24/7 across its global offices.



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