Excellence in Commercial Management



Michael Rouse - Klarna

Under Michael’s leadership, Klarna achieved a 45% increase in transaction volumes in 2016, driven by the acquisition of 18,000 new merchants (including companies such as Nike and Adidas) and expanding channel distribution to include direct selling. A record nine million consumers tried Klarna’s product for the first time last year.

Over the past 12 months, Michael has restructured the commercial function, introducing new leadership into every market and establishing global sales, account management, and capability teams. He also led the acquisition of two companies in Germany.

In parallel, Michael is driving a change towards P&L accountability within the sales teams, and a more localised approach to product and sales strategies.

Runners up


Giorgio Belloli - Farfetch

Giorgio has played a key role in Farfetch’s recent growth, overseeing a strategic repositioning of the business to become a marketplace for the entire fashion industry. Over the past 18 months, the commercial team have developed partnerships with 200 brands, including Gucci (a deal Giorgio personally originated with their CEO).

He also oversaw the creation of Farfetch’s Black and White division in early 2016. Today, there are now five brand websites live, with a planned new launch each month in 2017.

His team, which will soon number 400, is responsible for business development, account management, partner services, merchandising, and brand partnerships. He has also introduced two new teams: Buying Services, which helps partners improve their selections, and Vendor Funding which offers financial solutions to boutiques to support their long-term growth.


Jon Notley - ZPG

In the past year, ZPG has continued to see strong growth in both revenue (up 84% to £197.7m in 2016) and EBITDA (up 58% to £77.1m).

Jon has been instrumental in delivering this performance, both through organic growth and service expansion (notably the recent acquisition and integration of Property Software Group, a UK-based software provider for agents.) ZPG also launched its proprietary AdReach retargeting product, allowing agent members to promote their business, brand and properties to consumers across Facebook and Google. AdReach has grown from zero to a seven-figure business.

Jon left ZPG at the end of March to join a startup that the company is investing in. He has put in place a very strong succession plan and is leaving the business in great commercial shape.



Nigel Gilbert - AppNexus

Gregory Gazagne - Criteo

Bruce Fair - Metapack

Robert Whiteside - GoCardless

Sean Sewell - Performance Horizon

Gavin Jackson - Amazon Web Services

John Crossan - Zendesk