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Vince Darley - King

Over the last 24 months Vince has led the team which turned an overly fragile data pipeline into one that is robust, accurate and timely – even while scaling beyond 30 billion new data events per day.

He created and led King’s first Data Strategy, covering all aspects of what will be required to support their future business strategy, and continued to build a world-leading team of data and analytics professionals, now numbering some 150.

He has instilled a culture of good applied scientific work into the business, developing and nurturing experimentation and deeper data-driven player insight. This has resulted in numerous improvements across the portfolio of games, with a substantial impact on retention, engagement and monetization. King now have three titles in the top 10 highest grossing games and can report year-on-year growth of mobile revenues.

Runners up

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Piers Stobbs - Moneysupermarket

Piers has spearheaded a new customer data strategy at Moneysupermarket with an in-creased focus on driving actionable insight from data to drive improved customer benefits. It’s played an integral part in optimising new channels and improving overall results. The company has achieve 15% growth in profits while helping over 6m families save money.

Recently he has successfully launched Moneysupermarket’s ‘Data Lake’ architecture allowing for increased customer-focused data innovation utilising open source tools. At both Moneysupermarket and previously at dunnhumby, his passion and enthusiasm for innovative and visually compelling data analysis has driven the development of valuable new fore-casting tools for enhanced business intelligence and customer learnings.


Andreas Antrup - Zalando

Andreas Antrup has been with Zalando since its inception — the online fashion site now gets half a billion visits per quarter.

His strategic vision has led to an audience-driven approach, making Zalando a more connected company for its visitors and advertisers. He has initiated a strategy of sharing data with partners, using customer, fashion industry and advertiser interaction data to further relationships and improve targeting. By offering its inventory and environments, Zalando can effectively identify its audience and create group offers – a breakthrough in a country that has no major data sources.

These innovations have put Zalando at the forefront of German data-driven marketing, leading to strong growth – employee numbers are predicted to double.



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