Excellence in Digital Transformation

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Mike Bracken - Government Digital Service

The Government Digital Service is leading the digital transformation of government in the UK, making public services digital by default, and simpler, clearer and faster to use. GOV.UK is a huge success and it estimated that the government’s efforts in the digital arena have already saved billions of pounds. Governments around the world are following the UK’s example with administrations ranging from New Zealand to Hawaii rebuilding their websites using the GOV.UK source code. Australia and the USA are also setting up their own digital services in the mould of the Government Digital Service.

Mike Bracken’s team continue to innovate. He’s hired some of the best digital talent available and fostered a culture that encourages them to thrive. They’ve embraced agile development and he’s given his team the freedom to fail fast, learn and iterate. It’s this approach under Mike’s stewardship that has helped the Government Digital Service build become a global pioneer.

Runners up

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Tanya Cordrey - Guardian News and Media

Last year, the Guardian achieved record global traffic of 122 million monthly unique visitors to overtake the New York Times as the world’s largest English quality newspaper site. It also achieved record digital revenues in the process.

Tanya Cordrey and her team played a key role in these achievements. She oversaw several major new product launches in 2014 including the Guardian website, new Guardian apps, a new content management system and a real-time analytics system. Tanya’s team’s effort significantly amplified the distribution of the Guardian’s award-winning journalism; for example, the improved website led to higher retention rates, the new apps doubled the user base, and social sharing more than doubled, helping the Guardian to become one of the biggest global publishers on Facebook.

Tanya has personally ensured that the Guardian has close ties with companies such as Facebook, Google and Apple, which has led the publisher to be chosen regularly as a launch partner to showcase new technologies and services, such as the Apple Watch.


Paul Coby - John Lewis

John Lewis, one of the leading omnichannel retailers in the UK, developed a new ‘click-and-collect’ service across all 43 of its shops and in Waitrose, and launched its first loyalty programme ‘myJohn Lewis’, which has grown to include over one million customers. Paul Coby and his team oversaw the launch of the JohnLewis.com online platform in 2013, as well as the 17 subsequent new releases (enabling sales growth to £1.4bn online in 2014); developed the back office to enable the click-and-collect service; and launched the new loyalty platform.

Paul’s team ensure the smooth operation of the company’s IT platforms. On Black Friday, for example, the loads on the front and back-end systems broke all records with 16,000 transactions per hour continuously throughout the morning, with one iPad sold per second.

Paul has also overseen the successful build and launch of a new electronic point of sale system across all of John Lewis’s stores and ran the firm’s first tech incubator – JLAB – with a £100,000 prize for the winner. Last year’s winner Localz has trialled their iBeacon technology for the click-and-collect service in Peter Jones in London.



Bertrand Bodson - Home Retail Group

Rikard Steiber - Modern Times Group

Juan Lopez-Valcarcel - Gloo Networks

Adam Stewart - Vodafone

Dave Cook - Time Out

Hervé Thoumyre - Carrefour

Gareth Jones - Shop Direct