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Henrik Landgren - Spotify

On joining Spotify, Henrik Landgren built up an analytics team from scratch, which now consists of 45 people, and is seen as a vital part of the music streaming service. Spotify now possesses a centralised team of experts with embedded analysts that work across all the departments. Every decision at Spotify is informed by data and insights and Henrik has helped introduce an experimental mindset into the company’s DNA.

Today, Spotify tests new ideas and analyses measurable outcomes before investing in large projects, which has helped make the company both more cost efficient and more focused on what its users want. The free mobile product that Spotify released in December 2013 was born out of this approach.

Henrik has also ensured that all data is centralised and available to all departments, combining large operational, survey-based and financial datasets.

Runners up

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Adam Wright - Just Eat

Just Eat is one of the fastest-growing businesses in the FTSE 250, doubling in size every 18 months. The analytics function that Adam Wright has built from the ground up over the past eight months has helped underpin this. Just Eat now has analysts in six major countries and a central data team, which partners with marketing and tech teams, meaning every decision, however big or small, can be informed by data.

Thanks to Adam, Just Eat makes better data-led decisions. The marketing analytics he’s introduced highlight which campaigns are the most effective, allowing a better return on marketing investment, whilst the web analytics and research programme has helped make its sales process more effective.

The speed at which Adam introduced the analytics function to the company is impressive, and Google is currently writing a case study on Just Eat focusing on how an analytics function can be built at speed.


Vince Darley - King

With more than 17 years’ experience in data science, Vince Darley oversees a team working on all aspects of analytics and business intelligence at King, including downstream and upstream data pipelines, data warehousing, real-time and batch reporting, segmentation and real-time analytics – information which is used across the business to improve the player experience.

This present significant challenges: very varied data and identifiers need to be carefully merged together to create a clear picture of the individual player; the volume is immense (10-20 billion events per day); and the data is noisy. Vince’s work has been an important part of King’s phenomenal success.



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